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Custom Image Titles for OpenCart

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What does it do?
This modification allows to set custom titles and alt messages for all product images (the main product image and additional images) and category images.

Custom titles are shown as a tooltip on the following product pages: categorymanufacturerproductsearchand special; and in the following modules: BestsellersFeaturedLatest and Special. For the enlarged product image the custom title is displayed as a caption.

Make your images descriptive and meaningful – tell customers what actually is on the picture.

NB! Having a descriptive alt text is essential for improved accessibility and it also helps to rank your web page better in search engines.


  • Custom product & category image titles
  • Custom image alt texts (concealable inputs)
  • Fully multilingual
  • Custom image title below the main product image (option)
  • Selectable tabbed or untabbed display of multilingual edit fields in admin (see additional images)
  • Option to take content (titles & alt messages) from the admin language fields for secondary languages when left empty
  • Main product image custom title and alt messages appear on category, manufacturer, product, search and special pages, in related products and also in the bestseller, featured, latest and special modules
  • Image sort order (for pre OpenCart versions)

Live Demo
OpenCart 2.0 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)
OpenCart 1.5 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)

Latest version 2.8.0

– OpenCart 3.0
– OpenCart to 2.3.0 with VQMod 2.5.0 or later

Problems & Questions
Please contact me on the support email address found in the included documentation if you have issues with the extension, please do not raise them in the comments section.
For general questions about the extension, please leave a comment or send me a message.

As adding custom titles to images is template specific, the extension will have to be tailored to any custom theme peculiarities. The extension comes with full support for the default theme which is a good base for custom theme integration. I can also provide custom theme integration service for a fee.
Custom Image Titles uses standard HTML alt and title tags to add image meta information.

Comments are for pre-sale questions and ratings only! Please see the extension store policy here.
Support email address can be found in the documentation, extension installation instructions file inside the archive or on the extension settings page under the Support section.

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Custom Image Titles for OpenCart

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