ScheduledPriceChange - Change Price on a Selected Date

ScheduledPriceChange – Change Price on a Selected Date

by Yo Theme in , , , on 16.06.2017

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ScheduledPriceChange is a wonderful way for planning discounts and future promos in your OpenCart store. Inspired by the old SIMS clothing stores, this module is wonderful for any business that has a rapid turnover of very limited stock or for any of you who would like to plan ahead all of their year’s discounted merchandise. ScheduledPriceChange also allows for a step-by-step discount (Setting 1 week of 5%, another of 10%, a third of 15% and so on). The store owner can also benefit from “Conditional” settings tweaking to further their approach. For more info, please check the module out.

✯ Discounted Orders History
✯ Set Price discount duration
✯ User friendly easy to use admin panel
✯ Schedule Products/Categories discount
✯ Current product quantity display
✯ Manually revert price changes
✯ Schedule price decrease or increase
✯ View interactive calculated new price
✯ Set valid from date
✯ Special Conditions (If product is bought more/less than or if quantity is more/less than)
✯ MultiStore compatible
✯ Global Enable/Disable Module
✯ Clean and crisp implementation, no core files overwritten
✯ Make sure to check this module’s release Log for latest features, version releases, improvements and bug fixes

✯ ScheduledPriceChange Front End DEMO
✯ Admin Panel DEMO

You can find more information about module Licensing here. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart and FAQ here.

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ScheduledPriceChange – Change Price on a Selected Date

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